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Swim Club

Providing positive, quality coaching in a challenging but fun environment.
Female Swimmers
In line with this founding philosophy, Bridgend Swim Club aims to cater for all abilities and all ages from 8 onwards.

At Bridgend Swim Club we recognise that people swim for a wide variety of reasons, we aim to provide a home both for those wanting to swim competitively or take part in other competitive activities where swimming is a key skill, such as triathlon, alongside those swimming simply for general fitness and well-being.

We are an established swimming club based in Bridgend, founded by life time swimmers with the vision of improving access for all to a well coached, fun and challenging environment, to progress their skills and competence in swimming whether for competition, fitness or enjoyment


Membership and general swim club enquiries

Swim Club Squads

General information on squads and swimming training times


Rules and governance that apply to all swim club members

By providing positive, quality coaching in a challenging but fun environment, our goal is to give every member the opportunity to develop their swimming to its full potential.

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