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  1. I will respect coaches, opponents, officials, parents and teammates

  2. I will play to the rules and will not cheat

  3. I will arrive in good time for my session, and be ready to start on time

  4. I will do my best to listen and learn from my coaches – when coaches talk I won’t

  5. I will do my very best when training or competing

  6. I will swim for my own enjoyment not just to please my parents or coaches

  7. I will demonstrate good sportsmanship and will not be rude towards anyone



Chair: Richard Watkins


Secretary: Marc Jenkins


Treasurer: Dan Bevan

Vice Chair & Governance: David Mcnally


Membership: Helen Watkins


Competitions: Huw Lewis / Vicky Price


Communications: Huw Lewis

Safeguarding: Jayne Morgan

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